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    how does this look

    cycle fina or winny? (Post #1)

    wish to add 10 pounds of solid muscle, while cutting fat. I am prone to gyno, have it slightly from puberty (have been inquiring about the surgery.) I am 5'10 , 195 lbs. approx between 9-12% bf

    how does this cycle look ... 1 or 2 bottles of propionate , eq, clens and either fina or winny have 25 arimidex and 50 clomids. IF I can obtain the finas how hard is it to make into a liquid b/c i read tabs aren't really effective I have had good results from winnys in the past

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    I would say try somthing like this:

    Week 1-6: Test Prop 50mg ED
    Week 1-6: Tren 75mg ED
    Week 1-6: Winny 50mg ED

    Clomid Post cycle. You can also run clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off during it. Should work pretty well.

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