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    In many book I read about mixing 1 more androgen+1 more anabolic steroid .Why is not good combination of d-bol + winni (except is both 17aa).

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    because your liver will start to cry, i know im gonna get flack for this, but i have ran winny and d-bol, tons of ala and milk thislte, cranberry extract, good gains, if you choose this route, only do 6 weeks max

    but in all honestly, ditch the d-bol and throw in some propinate

    the pig

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    Steroids usually exhibit some characteristics of each; they have both aanabolic AND androgenic qualities--they are not one or the other, if that's what you are implying.

    Dbol & winny is not a healthy or effective stack, stick to some of the tried & true ones (that usually involve an injectable...)

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