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    check this out


    Our Most Powerful Product 0f This Nature Yet

    Ever since the prohormone ban was added to the controlled substance act in 2004, everyone has been seeking healthier and legal replacements.

    The Anabolic Steroid Control Act now states, in part...
    "(A) The term 'anabolic steroid' means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone (other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone), and includes... “

    Hey, Why Would You Want an Inferior Product Anyway?

    Of course many have turned to illegal anabolic steroids . Some have suffered legal and health problems no one would actually want to invite as a result. For the most part the negative side effects related to health are a result of poorly designed oral anabolic steroids that are either 17a-methyl alkylated, or far worse, 2a, 17a-methyl alkylated analogs with high androgenic ratios.

    As most in the underground world of illegal anabolic steroids are aware, these alterations are done to increase the oral bioavailability of the compounds but can put some serious stress on the liver, elevate LDL (bad cholesterol), increase cardiovascular risk factors, and in some cases, even result in liver damage. Please remember that as I said prior, some are far more dangerous than others.

    After all, some female oral birth controls are 17a-alkylated compounds.

    There are smarter and far more powerful options

    … 17b-Methoxy science is certainly a very good start! (No need for 17a-alkylation!)

    Also, there appears to be a misconception that simply adding a hydroxyl group at carbon C-17 will make a product orally bioavailable or more effective. In truth it has its applications, but this certainly is not one of them. When a compound is being evaluated for potential activity and affect, the first step is to decide the goals intended. Not just another crap-shoot and hope for the best. Without doubt, methoxy technology is superior by far.

    Due to Methoxy-TRN™ possessing a progestin structure, there is “assumed” potential for the usual loss of libido. In theory, this is due to the C-17-hydroxy bond. Again in theory, this effect is negated (potentially is reversed) by replacing the C-17-hydroxy with a methoxy bond instead.

    Okay, now here is the part that just amazes me about the unique Methoxy-TRN™ (and its Stack Two counter part…coming soon) structure created by ALRI.

    In the body most sex hormones like testosterone, androstenediol and DHT are predominately in a bound or inactive state by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This means only a very small percentage is free or active…and only free hormones have the ability to do the cool things we love. In the case of testosterone, 98-99% of our total testosterone is bound or inactive due to being mugged by SHBG.

    One of the interesting mammal (bulls) studies looked at the affects different bonds at C-17 involving various sex hormones had upon SHBG. The results demonstrate that binding of steroid hormones to SHBG is facilitated by the 17 beta-hydroxyl group, possibly involving hydrogen binding, and by the methyl group at C-19 of the steroid moiety. Structural modifications at C-17 of a steroid molecule involving esterification, epimerization or reduction of the 17 beta-hydroxyl group, or introduction of a bulky 17 alpha group have the effect of decreasing the SHBG binding affinity of the steroid molecule.

    In short, the C-17 methoxy alterations reduced the potential for a compound deactivation due to SHBG. Or to put it another way, the lion’s share of Methoxy-TRN™ ingested remains potentially active. You do the math.

    Fact? No, there are no double blind, placebo controlled, crossover studies on Methoxy-TRN™ as of yet, but my personal experience certainly makes me a believer. You will have to let us know your thoughts when you include our new goodie in your muscle building training system.

    Why Did We Make It?

    ALRI introduces the first product intended for a progressive perfect stack for those who want to complete their synergistic muscle building system with the most advanced alternative metabolic modifiers legally available at this time.

    Xtreme Anabolism Stack One:

    Methoxy-TRN™ is a new highly active non-aromatizing compound called 17b-Methoxy-Trienbolone, a progestin.

    Is it powerful? The suggested dosage is 1.5mg 3 times daily. What do you think?

    One well regarded standard and generally accepted reference to anabolic and androgen potency for thousands of compounds is called Vida. Simply for the purpose of discussion, let’s see what Vida has to say about the possible potency for the main active in Methoxy-TRN, 17b-Methoxy-Trienbolone.

    According to the Vida research, this compound is potentially 200 times more active than 17a-Methyl testosterone and 4 times as active as Trenbolone acetate. (Hmmm, Pretty serious)

    Seems like daily I get an e-mail or letter asking if Tren is the most effective anabolic steroid on the planet. Nope! But the basic Trenbolone structure certainly has that potential. Obviously this is not to say that any of this discussion is a proven fact or claim, but you have to admit that the research is VERY interesting. Like…

    IGF-1 (Insulin -Like Growth Factor-1) is a known powerful anabolic/anti-catabolic hormone derived from GH (Growth Hormone ) in the liver and muscle cells. Due to its similarity to insulin it also promotes cellular up-take of repair and growth promoting amino acids and glycogen synthesis as well without promoting fat synthesis. An interesting study on cattle suggests that compounds sharing this structure promote cellular IGF-1 stimulation. Like 100-128% increase. (Guess that explains why I am always hungry on this stuff but still stay lean)

    As most are aware, we both grow and shrink daily. This is due to muscle anabolism (adding tissue and cell content) and catabolism (destruction or loss of cellular proteins and glycogen stores) Another cow study appears to support the belief that compounds like Methoxy-TRN both increase protein synthesis (anabolic) and inhibit protein break-down (anti-catabolic).

    So, mostly active, potential lean tissue promoting, anti-catabolic affect and IGF-1 stimulation without being a 17a-alkylated methyl compound? Gee, do you think adding Methoxy-TRN™ to a quality diet and hard core training might result in some serious muscle growth ?

    Our Product Design Goals?




    *Muscle Mass


    *No Lethargy

    *Libido Support


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