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Thread: ref-b advice!

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    ref-b advice!

    im shooting ref-b once a day, 2cc, in the delt. ive asked around and people are still teling me to drink the stuff. but the source i got it from said i should injetct 1cc, and drink the other one to space it out through the day. im still kinda skeptical about this one. anyone ever taken it before, or have a little input, would be greately appreciated.

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    drink it, ref-b has been known to be dirty, thats just mex-vet haters opinions though, its 17-aa so it will survive one pass past the live, drink it through out the day and save your tissue for oil shots.

    the pig

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    Either spread your injections out throughout the day or inject 1/5 of a cc in a 1000 mgs gel cap and take those throughout the day at even intervals. You can make several days worth at a time and keep them in the 'fridge to keep them from "melting".

    DO NOT DRINK IT! Most of it will never make it out of your gut AND you'll do permanent damage to your throat.

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