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    I was thinking of trying some british dispensery anabol. I was wondering if anyone has had good results with a cycle of anabol(dianabol ) alone. I also need a good cycle of anabol only for a novice. I am 25 and at a sad 5'11" 145. Please help!

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    This is a pictures forum, you're likely to get more responses to your question if you ask this one in the steroids questions forum. Which I wouldn't recommend, becuase you'll likely get flamed a bit.
    As for an answer to your question? You'll find, after searching around the board, that a dbol only cycle is a poor choice. Most of your gains will be water gain, which you will lose after you come off the dbol. You'll do much better to retain some gains if you add some test to the equation.
    Also based on your stats that you gave, I think you would do much better to establish a solid base and fill out some more naturally, before you decide to use any gear. But if your gonna go ahead and use some gear either way, I would not do a dbol only cycle.

    Good luck,

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    How long have you been training? How often do you train? what does your food intake consist of? How serious are you? Thank you.

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    5'11 and 145 is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too skinny to be taking steroids ...regardless of the horrible dbol only cycle. learn how to properly eat and train first bro before resorting to steroids

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    Bro, make sure you eat enough, train your ass till you get into your natural plateu
    then if you feel you can't grow any further then think about roids. You're too skinny
    to just jump into the gear now. Take 3 doses of protein drink daily along with good
    habits of training and eating it's gonna work for you now, make sure that you're
    taking 40-50grams of protein each intake, it will surely make a difference in what
    you're feeling now. Read about nuttrition over the diet/nutrition forum it will educate
    you, also read alot about gear to not get hurt by lack of knowledge. I'll ask a MOD to
    move this to the steroids question session, right? Welcome to the AR forum BTW!
    Good luck and keep it going man!

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