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    Clen vs. Ephedrine????

    Ok, has you muight have seen from my previous post, i am thinking of taking clen with T3 but i did once take the normal ECA stack and in one month i dropped 20 pounds (decent diet and cardio 4 days a week) about 4 years ago, well 4 years has past and im now a little overweight again trying to repeat what i once did, however people on here are saying cvlen is more effective? Any opinions on this?

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    uhhhhh, clen =ephedra.....90% sure

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    Do some research.

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    Clenbutoral is different than ephedra or ephedrine. ephedra is hard to find now and to me was better than both ephedrine and clen . the clen gives you the shakes without the buzz, i liked the ephedra buzz it gave me energy that lasted all day, plus it made me sweat like crazy in the gym. I never felt much of anything with the clen except for shaky hands and some nervousness. I would go for ephedra and t3 or ephedrine and t3.

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