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    New to the forum, cycle question.

    I have taken gear before, but not in two years. Just started training hard again 8 months ago and am back to where I left off(never quit, just maintained). I am thirty years old, here is what I have planed. Goal is quailty muslce, some size, and shred up a bit. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    Week 1-10 prop 100 mg, (50md ed)
    Week 1-10 deca 100 mg
    Week 4-10 fina, 75 mg ed
    Week 4-10 ent 200 mg(300 mg weekly)
    Week 4-10 HGH 2.5 iu mid day and post workout
    Week 12-14 Clomid 300mg, 200mg, 100mg
    Nolvadex on hand in case of gyno

    Thanks for your help,

    PS thinking about waiting on next cycle for ent 200 mg, but let me know what you think.

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    looks basically good- but i'd replace the deca with Eq considering your goals.

    Also do you mean 100mg of deca/week? That's nothing. 400 minimum IMO (same for eq.).

    And if you're doing deca or Eq start the clomid 3 weeks after last injection- at least. ie. week 13.

    And I'm confused why you're doing prop. all cycle but then doing enth starting after week 4?

    I'd say run enth.weeks 1-10 at 500mg+ with perhaps prop.weeks 1-4 @ 50mg ed to get the test levels up quickly in your cycle.

    as for the HGH- that is out of my league in terms of giving advice-but I'd say leave it out for sure until your know your gear inside and out. And I believe you're wasting the HGH unless you run it with 'slin anyways...

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    I agree with lush i dont understand the enthate and prop. I think running the HGH for 6 weeks is a waste of money.

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    Welcome to AR t2978 ! good to have ya here.

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