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Thread: First Cycle???

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    First Cycle???

    hey guys, i am about to do my first cycle ever. i am 22 years old, 6 3" 175 lbs. i am aware of how important the diet is so i got that down. i want to improve strength and bulk up to about 190 preferably. i have 200 winstrol , 20 ml of test prop, and 45 ml of fina (trenbol). how should i approach this dosage wise and how should i work the pct and antiestrogen on my cycle? also i heard if u load up on the creatine after your cycle, you tend to see lasting gains, any truth to this?

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    Welcome to the board dellio...up in the right hand corner you'll see a search button.My advice to you is use it and research.You'll be amazed at the info that is buried in the archives here.After you've educated yourself,feel free to post questions you don't understand.everyone here is willing to help,BUT YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF FIRST.
    Also typing a cycle in this format gets a much better response.

    WK 1-10 XZY @ 250 mgs wkly
    WK 1-8 ABC @ 100 mgs ED

    Get my drift?


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