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    could nolv. be hindering my gains?

    I've been taking 55 mg of nolv. ed for my first time ever test-e 500 mg a week cycle.
    Its almost week 7 and I've been taking 55 mg because the gyno still swells up and gets itchy about every 3 days
    Could this be hindering my results, because I heard your first cycle you should "blow-up"?
    Thanks for any results. Pics are in the members pics forum

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    vitor is offline Anabolic Member
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    Oct 2005
    Never take test without anti-estrogen. No, nolva does not hinder gains, but could hinder water-retenion, maybe thats why it feels like you are not blowing up!

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    Well test e only starts kicking in around week 5-6. You still have some time to baloon up. You should've taking something to jumpstart you like dbol or drol.

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    im on test E and tren A and im takn 20mg nolva ed...55 is a bit high...maybe drop it to 20

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