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Thread: PCT/Cycle HELP

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    PCT/Cycle HELP

    Hello guys. I am in the last few weeks of my 4th cycle.

    Weeks 1-10****
    -Sustonon=500mg weekly
    -Test Cyp.=200mg weekly
    -Decca 600mg weekly
    (Armidex 1mg EOD)- prevention, gyno in past

    Weeks 10-15****
    -Sustonon=250mg weekly
    -Test Cyp.=200mg weekly
    -D-bol=50mg ED
    (Armidex 1mg EOD)- prevention, gyno in past

    Weeks 15-20****
    -Test Cyp=400mg weekly

    I am currently in my last 2 weeks of using D-bol...

    Made very solid gains. About 20lbs. Strength went up incredibly, not holding much water BF at around 12-14%

    My PCT in planned as Followed:
    Week after last Cypionate injection*****
    -HCG = 2500 IU's ED

    After HCG****
    -Clomid 100mg ED for 1st week
    -Clomid 50mg ED for 3 weeks
    -Nolvadex 20mg ED (throughout PCT)

    Any suggestions on last 5 weeks of cycle.
    And most importantly any suggestions on PCT? I have access to anything and everyinthg, Your help and addivice is greatlty appreciated.


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    Dude that cycle, is one of the worst I've seen in a while. Pick one dose and run it for the length of the cycle. The ester in the gear will typer the gear out, there's no need to typer the dose.

    HCG should be run through the cycle, 2500iu ed will desensitize the testes to LH. Use 300iu for 10 days, then 500iu every 3 days until the cycle is done


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