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    Heavy Training, Gear, and Torn Ligaments

    Hey Fellas,

    We all know people who have had injuries training heavy. However, we almost always never know what AAS they are on at the time of their injuries. It seems that many of my BB friends get injured perparing for comps with no-test based cycles.
    I'd like to know who on this board has experienced a torn pec, tricep tendon, ACL, etc, and what AAS you were on at the time.

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    I had an injury, but it came from an injury that I had before using gear. I had fallen off a ladder a few years before using gear. The tendons were ferad(sp), I went years without much problem, then one day I lost control of a dumbbell on the bench. I heard a pop, I tore the Librium from the socket, I was using test at the time.


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