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    Some Advice Please

    well heres the story im 20 yrs old i used to be 150 lbs started working out and eating right like a year ago i gained 13lbs. i could not gain any more weight people in this wesite told me to go up to 190 lbs before trying gear but that would just be impossible so i got my hands on some deca from denkall (nandrolona 300) and some sust from abbott karachi it has the paper lable though i thought it was fake at first and had my doubts and all but im 3 weeks into the cycle and i already gained 8 lbs im doing 500mg of sust a week and 300 mg of deca a week ( 1ml sust 1/2 ml deca every monday and thursday) im pretty sure the deca is real too bc i could never do skull crushers bc i have bad elbow joints now i do the like a champ w/o a problem. im going to run this cycle for 11 weeks of sust and 10 weeks of deca is this too lite or should i bump up the sust and deca i noticed my shoulders are huge!!! and all my body is starting to blow up with lean muscle. im also taking t bomb 2 everyday

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    I'd like to see the sust for 13 weeks and the deca for 12 weeks.

    What is "t bomb" ?

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