whats up fellas, iv'e had a hyperactive thyroid for some time now. Its heriditary.......Been on some extremely light meds ( methimazole 5 mg ) for 1 month a half and first 3 weeks one every two days, then started one every day.. my blood level ( the one that matters ) raised from a 0.20 to a 0.32...the minimum "normal" range of the thyroid is from 0.50 to 4.40....I called my endochronologist and told her its too slow and not working fast enough if i'd like to make my boxing division ( im losing way too much weight and can't gain any ) she said just keep doing it. I then called my doctor and he said he will take a look and if necessary he will change the medication / dosage. Today I spoke with him and he said he thinks that it does not need to be changed due to the fact that I'm slightly under. He says once at 0.50 even though low, its still "normal" level. Will I be able to gain weight at this or a little higher level ? Its very frustrating and I have been waiting to do my first cycle for quite some time. If anyone has any input please do not hesitate to respond. thanx peace carlos2