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    Plateau questions

    I am currently running this for the last 3 weeks:

    100mg ed of drol
    750mg of test cyp pw
    600 mg of deca pw

    I increased my weight from 190lbs to 215lbs. My strength is through the roof and people are noticing everything. I have been at 215lbs since lastThurs. I weighed myself today and I was still around 215lbs. I think I plateaued with everything now. I am increasing the drol tomorrow to 100mg and running it until next tues. I hit each body part 2 times per week, 1 warm up set and 3 sets of 12, 10, 8. One minute to one minute thirty between sets. I eat about 4000 calories per day if not more. Using 3 protein shakes, glutamine, multis, aminos each day

    Anyone have any suggestions to add some more weight because I think I plateaued. I would like to get to 220lbs by next tues.

    I will start my eq, after week 10, Stop the deca at week 12, run eq for at least 12 weeks and continue the test, and t3, clen later but thats cut phase.

    I would like to be a legit 205lbs-210lbs range after this cycle. Any help is appreciated, but no weight gainers, they kill my stomach

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    only do 2 shakes a day...replace the third one with an actual whole food meal...and you may wanna add another meal on top of that. dont increase drugs man...increase calories. the true weight gainer.

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