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Thread: Armidex?

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    would it be wise to run it on test only cycle? or would it be ok to go with out?

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    How much test? IMO its better to be safe than sorry but if you just keep some on hand in care you get gyno you'll be ok.

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    Well that depends on how prone you are to gyno. Personally I would have some on hand just in case, nothing like realizing you need some mid way thru your cycle. Nolv is cheaper and will do the trick, unless you have bad gyno like me. Armidex, does do more than Nolv, and won't hinder your gains, to a degree, and will also keep bloating down. It just depends on your body type bud.
    I had to get some Liquidex myself, cause I was eatting Nolv's like candy... Noticed my gains have been alot better because of it. Hope this answers your ??

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