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    Powder var just as good as premade pill var?

    Just found that podwer var is a crap load cheaper and maybe want to go this route. Just want to know if it is just as good compared to the pills. Also, don't know about capping, so will making it a liquid be easier and still as effective. When some mention everclear, is that the alcohol and what exactly is PEG. never heard of it. Just a quick fill in of these questions would be greatly appretiated. Powder var is like a fraction of the normal cost. also is 80mg a day for 6-8 weeks too much. Just figure 4 ml a day at 20mg/ml a day. And how does the liquid var taste?
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    try searching in the lab forum. Capping is very easy...or if you still want to make a solution the answers to your questions are in there as well

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    ome of my frineds is on 160 for no.....80ed isnt too much

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    It is the same, also capping is ALOT better, however I suck at it so i just suspend. I would go with everclear.. and it will taste no different than everclear does. Also I would reccomend trying 15mg/ml it will probably hold alloott easier. And if you do make a solution i suggest picking up some capsule's from your local store for like 2$ and just squirting the liquid into them and swallowing .... saves alot of your taste buds.

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