I'm trying to get ripped. I'm already at 8% bodyfat, my weight is 110kg with a height of 1.91cm. My diet consists of the following:
breakfast: 5 whole eggs, 200ml orange juice
snack: 50gr. whey prot.
lunch: 250gr tuna, green salad, 20gr olive oil
snack after training and cardio 100gr rice with 20gr. aminos
snack: 50 gr. whey
dinner: 400gr chicken, salad, olive oil

My current program is:
100mg test prop eod
100mg win eod
25mg oxandrolone (spa) ed
50mg proviron ed
10mg nolvadex ed
t4 100mcg + 25mcg t3 + 60mcg clen (can't handle anymore)

Thing at first seemed to be going well, but over the last 15 days i'm looking pretty flat, and donm't seem to be able to get a pump when i train (i train 4 days a week with cardio 30mins every day).
I seem to be holding a lot of water, and looking fatter around the waist and on the legs. What do i need to do?
Shall i put in 300mg of eq a week and take out the prop because of the water retention, or keep it in? I'm getting in a mess and getting confused with what to do.
I need to be at 6% within a month!!!!!!