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Thread: cutting up

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    cutting up

    hey guys i need help.
    I'm at 8% bodyfat and need to be at 6% within a months time.
    I weigh 110kg and am 1.91cm
    my current diet is as follows:
    1) 5 whole eggs + 200ml orange juice
    2) 50gr whey
    3) 250 gr tuna , green salad, olive oil
    4) after training: 100gr rice with 20gr. aminos
    5) 50gr whey
    6) 400gr chicken, salad ,olive oil

    my program:
    100mg testprop eod
    100mg win eod
    25mg oxandrolone ed (spa)
    50mg prov.ed
    10mg nolvadex ed

    100mcg t4 + 25mcg t3 + 60mcg clen (can't handle anymore)

    i train 4 days a week and do cardio 30mins eveyday.
    I'm looking flat and pretty smooth. i don't seem to be able to get a pump during my workout, and even though i've gone from 10% to 8% in the last 2 weeks i seem to have gotten fatter around the waist and legs. I must be holding water. What do i need to do? I'm getting pretty desperate , should i add in some eq? Eat more? take out the prop? (over here in italy finding tren is impossible, there is only fake para!)

    Help me out guys!!! Thanks.

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    Cut out the whole eggs just use the whites as all the fat is in the yoke.
    That should reduce you total body fat.....

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    Drop the Nolvadex , if you are taking Proviron you don't need it!

    What about Winny 50mg ED instead of 100mg EOD?

    Easy on the Olive Oil. Skip as much of the egg yolks that you can and still eat the eggs. (Maybe 8 egg whites & 2 yolks?)

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    I've managed to find ara. So i'll take .5 of that ed insted of the nolv.
    Should i keep the prov?
    i hate looking bloated out when i'm trying to get cut!

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