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    Shot Delts 1st time with prop..not 2 bad

    I did my first injection in my delts yesturday, did it with prop, shoulder feels a little tender today, but nothin too serious, just kinda feels like a bruise, I used anatest 100 and warmed it first and went real slow, the only thing I found difficult was reaching across to push the plunger to get the prop in, I used a 25 g 1.5 inch pin, only stuck it in an inch, even though I warmed up the gear, still pushed hard through the 25 g, anybody have any experience with this? Thanks!

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    Good job,

    25g forces you to inject slowly. This is a good thing IMO.

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    hey bro ... i did my first quad injections the last couple days .... quads are pretty sore .... ive been using a 23g 1.5 .... try out the quads .... not too bad .... next comes the pecs

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    shot some prop in my delt with a 25g 1" this morning . . . all good . . . i like delts the best. glutes are too hard for me . . . i just shoot delts and quads. i dont have the stones yet to shoot pecs . . .
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    The pain I get usually happens 2 or 3 days after the injection day. Just keep a hot water bottle on the injection site if this occurs for about 1hr. Seems to help me greatly.

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