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Thread: not sure..

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    not sure..

    well this isnt sterid related but hear me out.

    well i have fatty tissue(caused by puberty) around my nipples not like super fat
    but its like under and to the outside of my nipples when not "hard" or errect you dont notice but when they aren't they seem kind've puffy.
    gyno or whatever

    what can be used to get rid of this..Nolva?
    Letro or Ldex

    i know letro and arimadex stop estrogen from forming, and nolva will stop the receptors from reciving right..well
    i read in hookers profile for letro that he used it and got rid of it completely but im assuming you've never had fat there and it was steroid induced.
    cause i noticed he said in studies it got rid of it completely..

    "In addition, I’ve used Letro to get rid of my own gyno, as has a friend of mine, and we both used it at a dose of 2.5mgs/day, tapering down to .25mgs/day, and then finally off….the gyno never returned in both our cases."

    i was just curious if i used one of these 3 compunds witch would get rid of the fatty tissue there, its stubborn and doesnt seem to want to go away.
    so any input on witch would work best if it'll work

    thanx in advance

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    If it is not actual gyno then anti e's will do nothing. If it is a fatty deposit you may just have to diet and cardio it away. If it is actual gyno only two things will get rid of it, surgery or possibly letro.
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    ive been trying
    im down 13lbs and thats the only area not showing
    im not fat or overweight..
    its just i have little bitch tits

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