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    arimidex and novladex

    My cycle runs as follows

    wk 1-10 400mg equipose
    wk1-10 200 mg prop test eod or 100mg ed
    wk 6-12 clomid

    2 on and 2 off clen /eca stack

    0.5mg arimidex and 20 mg novladex per day

    My question is do I run the ariimidex and novladex throughout the cycle or post cycle?

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    No need to run the nolvadex as the arimidex will take care of any aromitization. Doing both is redundant and nolva has been known to hinder gains as it competes with estrogen for receptor sites.

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    I concur with Pete235; no need for both. but Nolvadex is always good to have on hand in case you find that your dosage of Arimidex (or Proviron in my case) is too low or, if, for some reason, you get symptoms of gyno; then use Nolvadex to treat it.

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