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    Fina filter really necessary?

    Is using a fina filter really necessary?

    Could you not just grind to pellets to a fine powder so when they are mixed with the solution they completely dissolve and then mix with the oil ready for injecting?

    Is the fillers used in the pellets toxic or harmless?

    Would the unfiltered solution be too thick to flow through a needle?

    Has any of you ever used this method?

    If i could here some answers to these questions id be very greatful.
    Thanks guys.

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    You might post this in the laboratory forum, I don't know cause I don't make my own, maybe someone will weigh in-Bump!

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    You are planning on injecting this substance into your body. Wouldn't you want it to be as pure and sterile as possible?

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    You NEED to use at least a coffee filter...I would still use a .45 syringe filter to make sure everything is clean. Trust me, coffee filter will catch TONS of gunk.

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    You Need To Filter It Bro

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    some bros even filter w/ a .22 after filtering w/ a .45 before even injecting it.

    i personally do, and i notice that i dont cough as much while on as i did when i only filtered w/ a .45.

    but hey bro, its your body. just take the time and filter so you could save yourself some unwanted infections.


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