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Thread: injuries suck

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    injuries suck

    whats up bros..looking for some advice and some incouragment...i was diagnosed with a hernia a littler while ago, its not very severe but im starting to feel slight pains, i was about to start my winter cycle when i realized i could be forced to stop during my cycle if it gets bad,i just want to get surgery over with so i can go back to heavy training and making legit gains, kinda bummed out about getting it done, anyone have the surgery done? how is recovery time, what could i do to retain muscle during recovery? im 20 years old about 5 cycles experience 5 11 210

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    My workout partner had hernia surgery. I don't know how long it took to recover but he is 100% recovered. No problems of any kind.

    good luck

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    i have a hiatel hernia..from getting too big to fast and eating too much. I look like i have a HGH gut..but never did hgh lol.

    its all a REGULAR DOWN LOW hernia...thats a different story.

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    Buddy of mine had a hernia. Took him about 3 months to recover. He just started back 2-3 months ago. Best advice is to get treated before the tear gets bigger coz if it does it will take longer to heal. Also when you start back make sure you take it easy.

    Good luck bro



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