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Thread: DNP effects

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    DNP effects

    ok small story to start this off...

    Basically one of my friends met a girl (with an unfortunate reputation for being "off balance") anyway he was dating her etc.. and I had forewarned him ahead of time about her and to just watch himself... etc. He said he had everything under control, so they were dating roughly like 2-3 weeks etc.. and started having sex., well unfortunately he doesnt think and he didnt use a condom one time (she asked him to orgasm in her)...well that one time turned into a total nightmare for him because she had accused him of rape after an hour after leaving him.. well one piece of information he had told me was that he was running DNP for about 10 days at like 300mgs or so, Im on here now to find out how that effects his semen, I assume she had a standard rape kit applied at a hospital, I was wondering would the DNP kill the semen or affect it somehow where it wouldnt be traceable? The bad thing is at this point, this might be his only way out of this... I told him Id get some information as fast as possible. does anyone know if it affects semen whether its traceable back to him or maybe its partially killed from the DNP or something, or maybe it has no affect at all, Im hoping someone on here has a definite answer
    thank you guys

    desperate friend...

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    the case will fall through

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    post this in the steroid forum..fvckin chicks like that piss me off..take advantage of everything..i wish they would all just die off..damn sorry for the harshness but thats just low of all low

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