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    l-dex nice cycle ?

    weeks 1-10
    300 quality vet deca , 500 mg enan, 300 mg qv winny

    first 3 weeks 100 /mg's prop eod to jump start cycle.

    i will do that same thing at week 11-12 with the prop than 3 days after last prop shot start the 30 day or howver long nolva/clomid.

    i have plenty of t3, clen , l-dex, i do not expect any nipple soreness should i still do 2 squirts about .25 mg of l-dex even thjough my nips don't nurt/

    Pat d.

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    IMO I would run the liquidex no lower than .25mg/ED. You could also include 10mg nolva/ED as well through your PCT.

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