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Thread: winter cycle

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    winter cycle

    im lookin to take something over the winter...only have a month and a half ish...i will be gettin tested anywhere from feb until the rest of the spring...i need some ideas for something in a short time and wont get me screwed on the piss test....lookin to gain size and strength....ultimate goal is gaining 15 - 20 pounds of muscle...ideally...thanx alot fellas

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    Its going to be hard to gain this amount of muscle in such a short time frame IMHO. Also now being able to use long acting ester's such as Enan or Cyp is also a negative if your goal is wanting to gain mass.

    For a short mass cycle I'd go with:

    wk 1-8 Prop 100mg/ED OR Test Suspension 100mg/ED (inj. 2x per day)
    wk 1-4 Dbol 40mg/ED OR Tbol 60mg/ED OR Anadrol 100mg/ED

    All detection times are under 8 weeks.

    A better idea, I think, is to run a full 10 or 12 week cycle, using Enan, Cyp stacked with Deca , then use the 'Steroid Cleanse' the site are currently offering. It has been shown to be effective on more than one occasion.

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    if you only have 6-8 weeks...suck it up and go with the test suspension like swift said and, maybe some fast acting Eq if you can get some.but all in all 6-8 weeks is super short, why cut it so close and take a chance???

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