I received my blood test results today and was hoping for some feedback from some experienced professionals that may be on the board. I am especially looking for help understanding the items marked with an *

I was given a diet guide for Heart Disease and after looking at this, I already follow all the eating habits included. I was also told to stop drinking alcohol....I don't drink alcohol more than once every other month or so and in moderation! Last question is in relation to my Test levels....they are on the low end of the normal range that was indicated on the lab report, I have never taken any AAS...am I right in assuming my natural levels of test are lower than they should be?? Any help is appreciated, thx.

Lipid Panel:
Cholesterol - 180
*Triglyceride - 276
HDL - 44
LDL - 90
*VLDL - 46

Metabolic Panel:
*ALT - 110
*AST - 49

Total Testosterone - 333
Free Testosterone - 63.8