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    help me on 2nd cycle

    this is my second cycle.
    my first one was 6 weeks of cyp.250 and Anadrol 50.
    I know my first cycle was a mistake because as you now using
    a long ester in only 6 weeks is not logical.
    I've researched alot but there are still some questions which I
    can't handle.
    This would be my second cycle:
    week mg/week mg/day
    ------ ------------------------ ---------------------
    1 Test-E/250 + Deca /200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    2 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    3 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    4 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    5 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    6 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    7 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    8 Test-E/250 + Deca/200 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    9 Test-E/250 + Deca/100 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    10 Test-E/100 + Deca/100 Tam/10 + B-6/200
    11 Tam/20 + B-6/200
    12 Tam/20 + B-6/200
    13 Clomid/100 + Tam/20 +B-6/200
    14 Clomid/50 + Tam/20 + B-6/200
    15 Clomid/50 + Tam/20 + B-6/200

    - Q1 - What do you think about dosage of Tamoxifen and clomid?

    - Q2 - I konw blocking all estrogen receptors by Tamoxifen will
    reduce gains, if I take it during my cycle every day. But I'm not
    sure I can find gyno symptoms ON TIME and then take Tamoxifen.
    (some people say: "an ounce of precaution worths a ton of cure")

    - Q3 - I've read some where that it's not a good idea to abruptly stop
    using androgenic drugs in the last weeks of cycle. So I've reduced
    my last shots of Test-En and Deca. Should I reduce them in more
    than one week?

    Besides dosages may seem too low to you cause I want to run a
    mild cycle.
    STATS: 6'0 180lbs 13%bf 24y/o
    been in the game for 3 years.
    my daily intake:
    protein : 225
    carb : 585
    fat : 95
    kcal ~ 3400

    thanks in advance

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    The point of no return.
    Q1 - Dosages look OK. Run PCT until you are recovered. If it works in three weeks then great, if it does not then keep on PCT.

    Q2 - Nolva won't "block all estrogen receptors" If there is a reduction in gains it will be minimal.

    Q3 - Long esters have a built in taper up and taper down. It is not necessary to reduce the dosages at the end.

    Test should be ran at least 1 week longer than deca . IMO two weeks longer is better.

    As you stated your dosages seem too low.

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    i would suggest running the test and deca a little higher, preferably
    test 400mgs a week
    and deca at 300mgs a week

    i would also run the test atleast 11 weeks

    Q1- youre dosages look allright
    Q2-i doubt that you will notice any lose of gains
    Q3-dont taper youre doses

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