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    Going to the doctors for a regular check-up

    I haven't been to the doctors in around two years for a check-up and since I have a family history of oh, just diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, etc. I decided its about time, just to be safe. Not to mention that I'm borderline hypertensive. I'm also on a keto diet, so I'd like the doc's advice on some matters such as these, as well as his take on some supplements (alpha lipoic acid, creatine, ephedrine).

    First off, I'll also have him check the regular stuff (blood pressure, etc.), but I'll also have him/her check out my other ailments (hyperhydrosis, scoliosis, permanently swollen lymph nodes in my neck). I'm also going to ask them for a blood test with a barrage of different things to look out for.

    These are what I have in mind: test (total and free), a hormonal profile, liver & kidney values, fasted insulin and fasted glucose, glucose tolerance test, prostate specific antigen, hematocrit and hemoglobin, lipid panel, and creatinine clearance values.

    Anything else I should keep a look out for? Keep in mind that I'm a 19 year old canadian male that has been training seriously for 7-8 months, and have no plans on using AAS for quite a long time. Thanks for your help.

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    Not bad, dude . . .

    Welcome to A.R., o corrupt one.

    You appear to be very medically literate for someone who is 19 yers old, and I applaud your plan to get a good physical now - especially since you have never cycled. The lab work you have suggested will provide excellent baseline readings that will help you down the line, both in terms of any future AS use as well as any future conditions in years to come.

    Only a few pieces of specific feedback . . . This is based on U.S. standards, but Canada usually does things the same way we do (except for the much better insurance coverage).

    (Or we do it the same as you, if you happen to be Canadian. )

    Include a Complete Blood Count (CBC), which covers a multitude of areas. Then nix the hemoglobin and hematocrit, which are included in the CBC. For the liver and kidney profiles, just get a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (a combination of the basic metabolic panel and the hepatic metabolic panel, thus covering both kidneys and liver), and nix the Creatinine (which is included in the CMP). I wouldn't bother with the Glucose Tolerance Test, unless your fasting glucose suggests that you might be diabetic; however, at your height-weight ratio and in light of the fact you work out, this should not be an issue at your age (although it is likely to be one later in life). Finally, since you are using ephedrine, it wouldn't hurt to get an EKG (cardiogram) done, useful as a baseline in case of any future cardiac irregularities. Make sure the doctor knows about your family history a a justification for such tests (especially the PSA) at your age.

    Good luck and, once again, welcome to the board.
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