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    Buying in Mexico

    I was going to take a trip to Mexico to buy-has anyone had experience with this and how did it work out

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    buying in mexico is not a problem. its getting the stuff back across the boarder that concerns most people.

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    i was in mexico about 3 weeks ago. it was a piece of cake to buy the stuff. we got the stuff, put it in my trunk underneath the carpet. i think we actually put it in the whole where the jack and other tools go, and then we just drove off. it's usually busy as hell at the border so they really don't check a lot of cars. just don't act nervous or suspicion for any reason and you'll be fine. they just looked at our id's and sent us on our way. a lot easier than i thought.

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    bro, my buddy is going to cancun in a few weeks and is talking about getting some gear, i read an article in a magazine saying that they openly advertise for it outside the stores....., is that true? is it really that easy?

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    yep they have sogns like,"deca ,hgh,test." outside most pharm's.probably wont find any signs at vet shops though

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