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    Unhappy Blood Test - Can someone pm me.

    I kind of have an emergency and I need someone's help. Out of the blue I have to take a blood and urine test tomorrow and I need some help clearing some "stuff" out of my system. It's very important. Thanks.

    Or if you know any products I can buy at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe please post too, thanks.

    More info:
    No juice, but all kinds of stimulants. Clenbuterol , albuterol, and fat burners. I'm being screened for a paid study and the deadline is tomorrow. To qualify I had to say I don't do drugs (which I haven't lately) and that I'm not on medication. They asked me if I had asthma to which I said no and I'm afraid they'll test for asthma-related drugs. I don't know the half-life or how long the stuff stays in your system. Hence, why I need your help.
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