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    2nd cycle advice

    I don't have a lot of money for this cycle, but I want to make the most of it. Looking at all my options for what I can afford at this time, I've pretty much narrowed it down to these 2 cycles (though I am open to alternative suggestions).

    Cycle 1

    500 mg/wk test cyp for 10wks
    800 mg/wk eq for 10 wks
    30 mg/ed d-bol for first 5 wks

    Cycle 2

    700 mg/wk test prop for 8 wks
    350 mg/wk tren ace for 8 wks

    This is going to be a bulking cycle. Looking simply to add as much muscle as possible, even if I gain some fat (bf% at 13 right now). I've heard that eq increases the appetite for most, though I guess I could get some injectable B12 to go along with cycle 2. So what do guys think, 10 week cycle with long acting esters and a d-bol kickstart, or a little bit shorter cycle of 8 weeks
    with a higher dose of test and a low dose of tren? ED injects not an issue for me.
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    cycle number 2 by far

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