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    Whats the best test?

    Im ready to take dbol , with some test. Was wondering what is better Enanthate or Cypionate , or sust. I also gotta deceide on either deca or equipoise . Im not fat, and am trying to bulk way up. And keep gains. Also got clomid, thanks for imput fellaZ

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    I think it's easier to keep gains w. cyp. Sust made me retain too much water as well.

    But thats just personal preference.

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    It's not the question of which test is better. It's more of which one a person prefers. And if you are looking to bulk up, you can use either the deca or eq. Bulking will be mostly done with your diet.

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    Test. Enathate or Cypionate are generally the best. Both work almost exactly the same way.

    This questions been asked many times and that seems to be the consensus.

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    T200 has worked fine for me but havent tried other than t200 by brovel so I cant really say whats the best but I can tell you that me and all my buddies take t200 and have made nice gains from them.

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