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    all short detection cycle. HELP

    Planning my 5th cycle after the season is over, i get tested at spring camp so it has to be all shirt detection,

    i am thinking var, prop, tren and GH, with some slin , maybe some OT, and i wanna get in some dbol maybe, any suggestions

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    tren 5 months
    dbol at least 2
    tbol some say 5 days, I say no way, I'm going with 6 weeks for myself, taking a chance.

    prop, depends on doseage, at 150mg eod, you should clear around day 8-10.

    Personally go with prop var if u can afford, otherwise prop tbol.

    What cycle u gonna run, how long, pct etc?

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    You should look into the steroid cleanse product on this site, for 5 day clearance time. The system admin tells me it doesn't work for deca or tren enthanate, so dont use those.

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