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    supersteve Guest

    Adding superdrol to an AAS cycle

    I've got a dilemma.

    I'm 8.5 weeks into my 12 week tren ace cycle 500mg per week (up 15lbs) and was thinking of running superdrol for the last 3 weeks of the cycle. (Note i'm also on my 4th month of hgh @ 4iu ... and yes I realise tren only is frowned upon but it's working for me and I have my reasons for no test, one of which was that I couldn't bring myself to risk getting gyno [from puberty] again because im highly estro sensitive ... but anyways not the point).
    I'm thinking of adding the superdrol because I don't think I will gain much more from the tren.
    I wonder though, is there any point adding the superdrol? I mean will I gain the stock standard ~10lbs that people seem to gain from 3-4 week cycles of superdrol alone, especially given how much ive already gained and that if im not gaining on tren i presumably wont gain on SD?

    I'm going to continue the hgh for another 5 months. This is my plan:
    November: gh 4iu ed, hcg eod and finish off tren
    December: pct (gh, igf-1, nolva, arimidex , clen )
    January: just gh 4iu ed
    February: gh and igf-1 70mcg ed
    March: gh 4iu ed

    So basically im wondering whether to add the superdrol to the last 3 weeks of my cycle, or instead run it in february with my igf-1 cycle and hope for the ~10lbs people seem to be gaining off it? If it will give me the gains it would normally with tren then im happy to run it now, but im just not sure it will. Could those who have run superdrol with AAS shed some light?

    note: I just got my blood test back and liver/kidney/lipids/cholesterol are all perfect, so that's not an issue.

    Thanks heaps.

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    vitor is offline Anabolic Member
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    15 pounds of fat free muscle mass is a solid gain! (If it was me), Save the superdrol for next cycle when gains will be harder to come by, Stop the tren after week 10, and run anavar or winstrol for the next for weeks. That way you keep more gains because of better recovery. After you have put on 15 pounds of muscle you wont gain much more from the tren after 8 weeks anyway. "Thats what I would have done"!

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    supersteve Guest
    Sounds fair. Although i'm thinking I might just use the SD in both instances now lol.

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    tek. is offline Junior Member
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    I wouldnt expect 10lbs lean and the thrashing your lipids will take aint worth it. Running tren /sdrol, without test isnt smart.

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    tek. is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2005
    12weeks is longgg for tren , let alone without testosterone . igf/gH expensive buddy, imagine your gains if you threw even 500mg of test in the mix. by the looks of it you got the money, why not proviron /prop?

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