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    2nd Cycle, What should i Expect?

    hey guys, heres a layout of my cycle, im about 200lbs 5"5 and around 8-9.5% BF, what should i expect, im eating between 4500 -5500 cals a day, 350g of protein, 500-600g of carbs, and getting around 8.5 hrs of sleep.....

    weeks 1-3 test prop 50 mg ED
    weeks 1-15 test E 500 mg per week 2 shots a week Mon (morning ) and Thur
    weeks 1-8 Tren 50mg ED
    weeks 1-15 EQ 500mg per week
    weeks 15-17 test Prop 50mg ED

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    You should expect increased recovery abilities. As far as gains go it is not possible to predict yours. Too many variables.

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