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    Smile Just Shot Myself for first time!

    Hey guys,

    Not like its a huge deal or anything but i just shot myself for the first time. ive had others do it for me in the past but i just moved and I know no one in my new town. so i sucked it up and did it myself, 25g 1" needle in the quad (, thigh series #2). Just have a few qucks questions. I seemed to have a hard time drawing the sust out of the vial, any one ever had the same problem?? Also, when i was done the shot a bit of blood did come out (of course) but how much is too much? just so i can be sure i didnt hit a vein even tho I did aspirate . Thanks for any replies.

    BTW, cycle is a sust only:
    Weeks 1-12 500mg sust; 125mg shot EOD
    and of course the proper PCT

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    hey bro.. good job.. I actually did my first quad shot last week. A bit of blookd came out- perfectly normal.. you did just stick a needle into your leg.. if theres alot of blood then maybe you should be worried.. might be sore tomorrow but that to is normal.. good luck with your cycle bro

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    Fill the syringe with a 20g and then switch your 25g to inject with.

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    Shooting EOD like you are is, arguably, the best way. However, if your sust is in amps make sure your storing them safely and hygienically once opened.

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    Reason you had trouble drawing is because you used a 25g. I drawed with a 25g the other day cuz the dude didnt have any 18g for my friend..takes forever..

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