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    What are the pros and cons of human gear vs. vet gear

    Whats the main dfferences betwee the 2 different types? And pros and cons of the 2.

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    they say human gear is more sanitary supposedly, but alot of vet gear such as quality vet is good stuff

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    human grade is said to be a little more effective, and its regulated, so probably contains the exact mg content it claims. but for the price, you cant go wrong with vet gear. i have used very little human grade gear.

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    In almost every country, the FDA or it's local equivalent has much higher standards for producing human-grade gear as far as dosage consistancy, purity, sterility & overall conditions for the production environment. That's not to say Vet grade gear is far worse, it could meet the human standards, but there's no guarantee.

    And then there is the stuff from ** and other underground labs which have no guarantees for purity whatsoever...
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