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    Test400-painful HELP

    On monday I did .5 cc of test 400 in my shoulder. I am in soo much pain. I am concerned that my shoulder if u touch the are it was injected it feels kinda of hard. Dont know what this is a sign of. I am suuposed to do another half CC in my other shoulder today but a little worried. Any advise?

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    ruquick is offline New Member
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    Nov 2002
    Get some grape seed oil and put .5cc in the syringe with the .5cc's of test and it should take care of your problem.

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    warm it up first it helps abit but t400 is a painful shot

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    If your taking deca also just mix them both in the same surringe,,works great for me as im takin t-400 also 250mg twice a week, if not then what ruquick said is great to.Also massage the spot after for like 10 min , it will help.also hot water bottle helps if you have a hard lump, muscle notting,

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