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    no side effects from juice

    I have five to six cycles under my belt. FIrst couple were pretty stupid. I didn't really know what i was doing and my mentor is a believer in some strange practices. I have been pretty right on since reading this forum though. However, even through some heavy cycles I don't really get any negative sides. My nuts have never shrunk, no acne, no hair loss (actually i shave my head so not real sure), no sexual performance probs, i do get a little edgy but thats it. is it common for some people to not experience too many sides???? I have done cycles as high as 750-1000mg weekly. ANyone else not see many sides.

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    you either have some fake ass shit or you are doing your cycles correct. plus not everyone is the same.

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    yeah test only ~12wk cycles arent really a problem, throwin some deca /oxys shut you down pretty hard

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