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    new user needs recomendations

    I am tall and skinny.. pretty good muscle tone and I have tried everything possible to put the weight on unsuccessfully.I am a nutrition major so i have tried all different weight gaining recomendations. What is a good steroid to start with that isnt to expensive and doesnt take to long to kick in. After I get some idea of where to start I will do my research. I was looking at Sus and deca so far but any suggestions are greatly appreciated

    21 years old
    165 lbs
    no use before
    lift 3-4 times a week with mix of plyometrics and resistance training.

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    rip off Ireland
    test e is a good starter at 5oomg a week for 12 to 15 weeks. and pct!

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    The point of no return.
    First cycle:
    1-12 Test E or C @ 500mg EW
    1-18 A-Dex @ .25mg ED
    15-18 Nolvadex @ 20mg ED
    15-18 Clomid @ 100mg ED

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    Forget the sus and deca for now. go with test e or c.possibly a kick start such as dbol for the first 4 weeks at 30-40mg's while you are waiting for the long esters to take full they said above 500 a week would be a good starting and most common also might want to consider lifting more weekly

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    do you eat like suggested here?

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...

    If youre not gaining weight at your age, your not getting enough calories!

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    Quote Originally Posted by longhorn814
    do you eat like suggested here?

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...

    If youre not gaining weight at your age, your not getting enough calories!

    Agree. What does your cal and macro intake look like?

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    for real, if you cant gain weight, when you come off you are just gonna go back down to where you were before... dont waste your time on steroids if you cant gain weight naturally. also how long have you been lifting for? @ 6'1 165 that isnt a good base to start using gear.

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    you could possibly be eating to clean like chicken breasts, tuna, turkey breast. try to get your protein from other sources with more calories such as ground beef, chicken legs, whole milk. also check out mighty shakes from hormel, they similiar to ensure drinks but better taste and more calories(like 250cals/4oz.s taste great also) if you get your calories up you will grow!!

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