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    light acne after cycle....

    my first cycle was 400mg cyp and 200mg deca along with 5iu of jin ED. i also took 1/2mg of arimidex ED. i didn't have any acne during the cycle although my skin was very oily, it was only in my PCT did i get what i consider light acne on my back and shoulders. i just got back from my HRT doc with more scripts. i plan on bumping up the test to 500mg and maybe 600mg of the cyp. will this make a huge difference in acne?

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    the reason why u get acne during pct is cuase teh hormonal imbalance ,ur body is restoring homeostasis. it could make a differnce everyone is different just runa 3-4 grams of vit b5 to take care of teh acne

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