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    Thai 5 mg. dbol or 50 mg.

    How does the 50 mg. ** dbols compare to 5 mg. thais?
    The Thais worked good for me. Anyone got good results from the 50mg?

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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    If you can afford and pay for thai brand, go with them. ** is great for low budget when thats all you can afford, imo. I personally dont trust his stuff, even though some bros around here love it, I've read too many posts about how it's underdosed and not high quality. I can't say I'm speaking from experience though because I've never used (and never will) any ** products.

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    definately use the Thai if you can afford the...Also makes it alot easier to split up the doses...

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    Dbols: the smaller the better. Dbol has such a short half-life you have to pop them all the time to keep even blood levels. I have some 10mg Dbols and I would prefer to have 5mg tabs so I could take them more often...

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