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Thread: Cycle Help

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    Cycle Help

    Hey whats goin on i am going to start my 5th cycle in a few weeks
    1-12 750mg test E/wk
    1-10 400mg EQ/wk
    1-17 .5 mf L-dex/ed
    1-17 10mg nolva/ed
    13-15 200mg clomid/ed
    15-17 100mg clomid/ed
    I was wondering if i wanted to keep the water retention down should i bump up the L-dex cause i am trying to keep bloat down asa much as i can thanks

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    I think that dose should be very effective, if you feel a little bloated go up .25 mg to .75 ed and see what that does. Also, I would not run the nolva all the way through as it affects the efficacy of the ldex, I would just keep it handy in case you feel some gyno signs, then dump it in.

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