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    How much cranberry juice to drink with Fina?

    A lot of people have said to drink tons of water and cran. juice to protect the kidneys from the damage of fina (I'm currently on a cycle that includes 76mg of fina eod). How much of that cran. juice should one cosider being adequate?

    Thank you.

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    I'm intrested as well. I'm taking 75mg Fina ED with 500mg Sust a week and haven't been drinking any cran yet, I may get the extract. I do take Milk Thistle, Green Tea, and ALA though I take less than most on this board. I haven't noticed any problems or pain as of yet, about 3.5 weeks in. The only thing that kinda bothers me is my urine is fairly dark for the first piss in the morning. I'm sure thats because of dehydration from sleeping and high protien though, I hope .


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