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Thread: EQ and Deca

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    cooksbrut is offline Associate Member
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    EQ and Deca

    use them together or save one for the next cycle?

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    xxxl83 is offline Senior Member
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    long island new york
    I wouldn't use them together they're similar compounds and you're not going to gain any advantages by stacking them. Choose one and combine it with some sort of test esspecially if you go with the Deca , and save the other for your next cycle. The other option is to drop one in the middle of the cycle and then pick up the other. Thats just the way I see it. Do some reseach on the board and look up previous discussions on this topic (there have been many) and see what you could come up with.

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    rangerdudeleads is offline Senior Member
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    I love Eq, and think youll love it to if stacked with test. Ive gooten strong as hell but still working on putting on size.

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    you could use both even though they are very still would get good gains ,but the wise thing to do is pick one or the other,deca if your looking to put on mass and strength or eq for quality vasculay look with some mass and good strength gains personaly i love the eq!

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    Pick one or the other. Although similar, Eq is better than Deca for cutting cycles and water retention is less.

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