I’ve read on the Internet that 4-Androstenediol is better that 5-Androstenediol. Is this true?

No this is definitely NOT true. Let me guess, you read that from someone with a vested interest in 4-Androstenediol? We offer both the 4-Androstenediol and the 5-Androstenediol. Our research shows 5-Androstenediol to be a little bit more effective at supporting testosterone production than 4-Androstenediol. The difference is very slight and statistically insignificant but still better nonetheless.

There seems to be another benefit to 5-Androstenediol that has not been touched on yet. It may exert anabolic effects in its unconverted state. This means that it might not have to be converted into testosterone to have an anabolic effect on muscle tissue. This is very significant because a large portion of all pro-hormone substrates go unconverted in the body. With 5-Androstenediol, this unconverted portion may be anabolic in muscle tissue. More research need to be done to confirm this, but it looks promising.

AST Sports Science has also offered to co-fund and support an in-depth study on 4-Androstenediol and 5-Androstenediol. So far, the other major marketers have been unwilling to join in. What does that tell you?