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    First Timer lookin for advice 21 years old...5'11"...189 pounds...i can bench 230...squat 250...I'm lookin to start a stack of winni and d-bol only because that is what is available to this a good first stack to do and if so then how can i keep my gains?

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    For a first time stack, a winny/d-bol is not the way to go. You should see if you can get some Test E. IMO, winny/d-bol are used for totally different reasons. D-bol for mass, winny for cutting. So mixing the 2, I dont think its a great idea.

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    Regardless of the reason, an all oral cycle is a bad idea period. Just because you can get something does not mean you should.

    Just do a simple cycle of test E or C for 10 to 12 weeks, followed by standard PCT.

    1-12 Test E or C @ 500mg EW
    1-18 A-Dex @ .25mg ED
    15-18 Nolvadex @ 20mg ED
    15-18 Clomid @ 100mg ED

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    Dbol and winny no good for anybody, bad on liver too. Try to get some test e or c like eGGz wrote!

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    do like the ppl above said. but if you already have it and cant get anything else,phuck juss do the dbol at like 35mg a day.but thats still not a wise choice.i dont understand how you can get winny and dbol but not have access to any test, thats weird

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    if you can only get winny or dbol , find a new guy. Most people that only have dbol or winny know jack about steroids , theyre just looking to make a quick buck off some kids that dont know anything about steroids

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