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    first cycle, test e only

    This is going to be my first cycle. I am using Test E only and the question i have is if i should go 10 weeks at 500mg/wk, 12 weeks at 400mg/wk or week 1-10 at 400mg/wk and then weeks 11 and 12 at 500mg/wk. The reason I am asking is because I have a 20ml bottle at 250mg/ml and was wondering what would be the best way to set it up. I have nolva and clomid and i might throw in some trib as well for PCT. Thanks for any input.

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    The point of no return.
    1-10 Test E @ 500mg EW
    1-16 A-Dex @ .25mg ED
    13-16 Nolvadex @ 20mg ED
    13-16 Clomid @ 100mg ED

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    I'd go for 500mg/wk for 10 weeks, no need to move the doses up or down its just a waist of time imo.

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    10 weeks test E @ 500mg monday and thursday

    Good luck!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steph_chip
    10 weeks test E @ 500mg monday and thursday

    Good luck!!!
    Also to be more precise you can time it exactly every 3.5 days.
    I do Sat. 6 am/Tue 6 pm

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    Exactly! Consistancy is the key. Keep your doses and injection schedule regular to minimize sides and maximize gains. Listen to eGGz, the man speaks the truth.

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