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    is it safe to inject!!!

    ok, the other day i was injecting some deca 300mg and i asperated and a little blood came into the needle, i tried this 3 times in the shoulder, and glute and all three times i hit a vein...ouch...there is a little bit of blood in the syringe but i do not want to waste my 300mg. WHat should i do?? is it safe to inject if i sterolize the needle?? and how can i prevent myself from hitting a vein next time around??

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    Just switch the needle and you can inject it. But make sure you squirt the blood out, b/c it'll be hard to tell if you hit a vain when you aspirate . About avoiding the vein; there is no way to avoid it. It's hit or miss kind a thing. Good luck.

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    I had same thing happen to me about a week ago and it took 4 jabs and then finally I had the green light to go but I didnt squirt blood out that was in my syringe and still could tell if more blood was coming in when I aspirated. I think your ok though.Just like mindbomb said theres no way of avoiding a vein or vessel, either you hit it or miss it.

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    Hitting a vein 3 times out of three is pretty damn rare! (If you are that "on" you should empty the kiddies college fund and book the first flight to Vegas--you are hot!)

    Perhaps you were just seeing more blood from the first time you ht the vein and some was still in the needle?

    I have injected many times and I might have hit a vein once.

    What you could be doing is pulling back TOO violently on the plunger when you aspirate . When I first started injecting I pulled back too hard and a small amount of red 'matter' (not liquid, more stringly looking) came in and I thought I hit a vein and tossed the syringe. Now I realize I was pulling back to hard. (I was also using an 18g needle so I could have sucked a small animal through it if I pulled hard enough.)

    Just apply a steady gentle pressure until the pluger moves.

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    What is the point to aspirate ? I never do it and neither do my friends? We still get the same results? What's the point?? It's goin into your body?

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    you aspirate to be sure your ok to inject,.......if there is blood when you pull back, you know you shouldnt inject there,.....if you inject into a vein you'll have about 30 mins. to get to the hospital,...unless your using only deca then you may be ok, but still never shoot without aspirating first 4real bro it only takes a few secs, and its not worth a costly mistake............

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    Originally posted by BigPete
    What is the point to aspirate? I never do it and neither do my friends? We still get the same results? What's the point?? It's goin into your body?
    I am not a medical professional, but the idea of an oil embolism clogging blood vessels in the heart or brain, cutting off the oxygen supply and potentially causing heart / brain damage seems like a pretty good reason to aspirate to me. It probably won't kill you, but it's not going to do you any good.

    Doctor's don't dream up things like aspirating just to fill in the slow spots in their 18 hour work days!
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    Materials needed

    Syringe with the drug to be administered (without air), needle (Gauss 22, long and medium thickness; on syringe), liquid disinfectant, cotton wool, adhesive tape.


    Wash your hands.
    Reassure the patient and explain the procedure.
    Uncover the area to be injected (lateral upper quadrant major gluteal muscle, lateral side of upper leg, deltoid muscle).
    Disinfect the skin.
    Tell the patient to relax the muscle.
    Insert the needle swiftly at an angle of 90 degrees (watch depth!).
    Aspirate briefly; if blood appears, withdraw needle. Replace it with a new one, if possible, and start again from point 4.
    Inject slowly (less painful).
    Withdraw needle swiftly.
    Press sterile cotton wool onto the opening. Fix with adhesive tape.
    Check the patient's reaction and give additional reassurance, if necessary.
    Clean up; dispose of waste safely; wash your hands.

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